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How Did We End Up Here? – Yangon, Myanmar

This will be our 12th country visited on this trip and our 30-something-th country in our lives, but we have absolutely no idea what to expect of Myanmar. We chose to come here completely on a whim- we met many … Continue reading

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The Best Restaurant in the World – Pulau Weh, Indonesia -> Kuala Lumpur -> Penang, Malaysia

Yes, we went back for more. Our flight from Band Ache to KL was all of two hours long, but in that time we wrapped up a whole, huge chapter of our trip and were about to finalize the plans … Continue reading

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Just Another Day in Paradise – Pulau Weh, Indonesia

The ferry from Banda Ache to Pulau Weh was a pretty decent one. Tickets were just a few dollars and there weren’t too many other people, so we had a whole row to ourselves for the short trip. Behind us … Continue reading

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Bus Station Purgatory – Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan, Indonesia

We were genuinely sorry to leave Bukit Lawang with our little turret of a room overlooking to river and the friendly guys that run the place. Like we’ve said, Bukit Lawang gets bad marks for being too touristy and putting … Continue reading

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Heart of Darkness? Not Exactly – Bukit Lawang (Part IV)

Our hike in Bukit Lawang was absolutely fantastic. Not only did we have adrenaline-filled chase scenes with three separate orangutans and see plenty of gibbons, monkeys, and birds, but we ended our first day’s hike with a sighting of a … Continue reading

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Can You Call It Buyer’s Remorse? – Bukit Lawang (Part III)

I had a lot of anxiety about choosing our jungle trekking guide. A guide is required to go hiking in Bukit Lawang, so it is a bit of a racket for the young men- and, surprisingly, some women- of the … Continue reading

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On Traveling with One Person…for a Year

The morning of the first day of this trip, we cycled to a bike shop in Washington D.C. to buy some last minute gear.  A guy driving to work stopped us to chat, took our pictures and wrote about us … Continue reading

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Bukit Lawang II

Bukit Lawang is a tiny little town on the border of Gunung Leusar National Park.  There are a couple of other tiny towns on other edges of the park, but Bukit Lawang gained fame several years ago because it was … Continue reading

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Medan (2 days) and going to Bukit Lawang

Hey all, R again, filling in for my better half.  We got back to Medan yesterday from Danau Toba, loaded down with some unbelievably heavy Batak wood carvings that I had decided that I couldn’t live without.  But (inevitably) after … Continue reading

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Lake Toba Part III

We honestly didn’t do all that much at the lake, so there’s not much more to tell about our travel there.  It is totally worth talking about the lake itself though, since it is an amazing place and one that … Continue reading

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