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When We Met Larry – Cahuita and Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

I have been jonesing to get to get to the Caribbean since Mexico and I have been thwarted every time. For reasons including cost, access, weather, and timing, we have not been able to make it to any of those … Continue reading

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Costa Rica, Continued, Plus, a Rant – Arenal to the Caribbean

After our morning zip-lining session, we booked the popular jeep-boat-jeep route to Arenal, home of the most famous (and most active) volcano in Costa Rica. The ride, especially the boat ride, was spectacular, but we were less than impressed with … Continue reading

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Costa Rica, Fastforward – Mal Pais and Monteverde, Costa Rica

We like to be detail oriented and write a post everyday, both so our mothers don’t worry and so we can be of some kind of service to other touring cyclists, but we have gotten pretty backed up due to … Continue reading

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Sticker Shock (Day 209) – Alajuela to Puntarenas, Costa Rica

We typically prefer to be wined and dined a little before we get screwed, but Costa Rica plays by it’s own rules. There is no denying that this country is astonishingly beautiful, but, Good Lord, it is expensive. I’m not … Continue reading

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The Last Days (Days 207-208) – El Castillo, Nicaragua to Alajuela, Costa Rica

We were debating whether to hang out for a few more days in El Castillo before heading into Costa Rica. Shaun had a plane to catch in Panama City in mid-December and he had a couple more countries to travel … Continue reading

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Jungle Time (Day 206) – El Castillo, Nicaragua

It just doesn’t feel right to get up before 5am while on vacation, no matter how well rested I am and limited the night before’s drinks. But we did it, along with Shaun and a lovely Spanish couple that we … Continue reading

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Cycling at the End of the World (Day 204-205) – Ometepe to El Castillo, NIcaragua

R: ‘It feels like we’re riding to the end of the Earth’ That pretty much sums up our day. What started as a leisurely morning (breakfast, minor bike repairs, and an easy 17km ride to the other side of the … Continue reading

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Island Interlude (Days 201-203) – San Juan del Sur to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

We meant to leave the day before, but things got a little out of hand and we were in no condition to travel yesterday. Some of our new surfing friends convinced us to brave the bars, which we had previously … Continue reading

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Shredding (Days 197-200) – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is full of beautiful young people acting like they are on the set of Endless Summer III: Spring Break Edition. Surfing, drinking, and partying all night with strangers, then doing it all over the next day, … Continue reading

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Our Apologies

We know that we can get a little behind on this thing from time to time, but we’ve really outdone ourselves this time. BUT we’re coming back! We have so many more delightful stories to tell you about toilet seats, … Continue reading

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