The Local Recipe that I’ll Spare You

So we rode into South Carolina today and into our first local South Carolinian food.  That’s the food of Calabash (which is technically in North Carolina, but sits right on the border).  We were pretty psyched, because any time we hear about some kind of super-local cuisine it’s cool and fun.  Um, until now.

We went to the best of Calabash’s restaurants, Ella’s, which won the best restaurant in the county award, and was totally packed.  And we asked the waitress for the sampler of all their Calabash dishes. And here’s what we got:

Basically, “Calabash Cooking” just means lightly floured and deep-fried seafood. With no seasoning. Just fried seafood. Which, as you might imagine, is a soggy mess. So I will kindly leave out any Calabash recipes from this food journey across the South.

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